■    It is required to have both. Passport and Visa to get into India. To request a Visa, a lot of paperwork is required, for this we recommend to get informed with some time ahead wherever you reside. Some states in India are tied to special access restrictions (Assam. Sikkim. Laquediva Islands. Andaman Islands and Darjeeling) where a special permit has to be presented; the embassy is in charge of its emission. When making the trip, certain vaccines are recommended such as DTTAB. polio and anticholera.

■    Jewelry, photo and video cameras, binoculars can be introduced without problems, among others, gifts up to 750 rupees. 200 cigarettes and 1 liter of alcoholic beverages can also be introduced including personal objects.

■    Don't forget to put cotton clothing in your suitcase so you can enjoy the weather, and for the winter try to pack warm clothing in case you plan on visiting the north side of the country. A light jacket will be very useful, but make sure it is water resistant Remember that footwear is essential for a good trip. It is also very convenient to cany a lot of sunscreen, sunglasses and a light hat

■    For water lovers, the south of India is ideal for sports like squash, sailing and paddling. Water skiing is a growing sport and has been getting more popularity in the past years, it can be well practiced in this region’s beaches. Fishing is an attractive sport and can be practiced at the Indian Ocean and the Bengal bay where sharks, karakalas and gohols can be found, while on the northern rivers, trout and mahseer are expected. For a good diving practice, the best alternative is the Andaman Islands.




■    Honoring the cultural and architectonic wealth of India the representative and famous Tkj Mahal is a dream reflected in water, strong with white and pristine marble. It's the monument that stands out the beauty of eternal love, since it was built in memory of Mumtaz. the beloved wife of Emperor Sha Jahan. Famous for its artistic beauty, this building is the result of a singular combination of passion and architectural prodigy.

■ Considered an emerald on the shores of east India. Goa is a paradise of extended mountains, serpent like rivers, exuberant fields and kilometers of virgin beaches. A trip through the ocean is also possible thanks to the Santa Monica, the most famous cruise ship in the Mandovi River. Goa has a mineral water fountain in Pomburpa. near Aldona. a place reachable by cruise.

■ India has some of the most exotic faunas in the world. Amongst them is the Bengal Tiger (Royal Bengal), considered for many centuries as a symbol for this country. It also lives in Bangladesh. Nepal, Bhutan and Burma, and can be visited in natural habitats like the Kanha National Park in Bandhavgarh and the Manas Sancturay among others.

■    The Himalayans is a Mountain line in the Asian continent extended through Bhutan. China. Nepal. Tibet. India and Pakistan. Its greatness has made it one of the most visited places, with sacred and worshiped mountains it is a perfect destination for adventure. The Everest can be found here, the highest mountain on earth with 8.848 meters. 




Text: Amura ± Photo: Flickr