Sitting in the hills of Pilanesberg, 180 kilometers from Johannesburg, one of the most scenic locations in South Africa, the area of Sun City is a world in itself that has been consolidated as the most luxurious and famous hotel in Africa.  Inside this enormous Palace, there are innumerable entertainment options and amenities including casinos, restaurants, water sports, extensive gardens, gymnasiums, as well as two first-class golf courses.

This resort brings together many of the most characteristic elements of South Africa in a single location: the plains, hot air balloon trips, safaris, the gardens, golf, haute cuisine and great entertainment all in a very luxurious and exclusive ambience.



The Palace itself is luxurious in all senses.  Adorned with exquisite mosaics, hand-painted ceilings and stone-carved structures, the hotel reflects luxury in every detail.  The Palace is decorated with exquisite mosaics, friezes and hand-painted ceilings - works of art that you will not find anywhere else in the world. The hotel has 338 rooms and four luxury suites.





The Palace of the Lost City

at Sun City

Tel: (+27) 14 557-4307

Fax: (+27) 14 557-3111


Text: Kundalini Muñoz ± Photo: Sun International.