An avant-garde town that stays in touch with the Japanese tradition, one that makes it unique and sets an example for others to follow, Obuse is located in the Nagano province of Japan.

Obuse is renowned for its focus on culture and marvelous landscapes. The most distinguished hotel is, without a doubt, the Kyakude, with interior design done by John Morford, who also designed the Park Hyatt, in Tokyo. The San Pooloh restaurant offers an Italian menu with a Japanese touch.

The most traditional museum is the Hokusai, named after a traditional Japanese artist from the 18th century, Ukiyo-e. Future trends are discussed in the Obussession Cultural Salon, a cultural exchange that takes place each month with thousands of people from around the world.

This is a facet of Japan that offers a different and ambitious experience, being a place that pays homage to its origins, yet always looks further into the future.



Text: Amura ± Photo: Flickr, ©JNTO, Suiza viajero, Hotel Ponta Dos Ganchos