In the Mediterranean Coast, to the north of Valencia, Peñiscola is located on top of a rock, surrounded by sea and connected to the territory by a small fringe of land. Ancient Arab fortress was see of the Pope Luna. More than 2500 years of history, they have created a suggestive gallery of legends, traditions, buildings and historic events in which they invite us to submerge us, more as travelers that like the tourists, in the search of the origins and legends of this landmark city declared funded in 1972.  Clear proof of it are their local holidays, their castle Templar, to have been one of the three papal headquarters of the Christendom next to Rome and Avignon and, the legend that says that was here where Anibal, after his step by Sagunto, swore eternal hate to the Romans.  After some of the walks guided by the tourist board offered in a free way, surely, the visitor, will look at with new eyes a population that, from iberos, Phoenicians, Greek, Roman, Carthaginians, Arabian, military religious orders, illustrated, and Carlist: has been configuring in which today we know as Peñíscola. 


Text: Patrick Monney ± Photo: Patrick Monney