One Planet One Tribe 

This beautiful hotel boutique takes us to the most basic foundation of human philosophy: We are all  one tribe, we all share the same planet. With this concept in mind, the new Village Market located in Nairobi, operates. The interdependence of society in the present day, in conjunction with the velocity in which our social networks are built, create a conflict in the foundation of our community, making it more complecated for us to enjoy a global atmosphear filled with sophistication, dignity, and union. This is the spirit that ruled each step in the development of the concept, which is imperative in it’s modus operandi. The architecture and interior design of the hotel, as well as their staff, focuses on excellent service; a vision that will always be there is the union of shapes and forms, celebrated inside the cultural diversity of their styles and materials. The lobby, is filled with vibrant sounds of people that arrive as guests to the hotel, absorbing the pleasure that the new Africa has to offer. 

Tribe, is a promising escape from everyday life and the common hotel rooms we are used to. It wraps us in a chic and luxurious atmosphear, which in conjunction to its versatility makes it an unforgettable expirience. Tribe Hotel is a member of the prestigous African Pride Hotels circle, institution that makes acknowledge to escapes worthy of mention, excelling in their charm, design, service and quality. Tribe Hotel is an obligation for those who wish to expirience a new way of life, see the world from a different perspective and reconnect wih the most simple philophies, which make of this, a better Planet.


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Tribe Hotel

Limuru Road

The Village Market, Gigiri

Nairobi, KENYA - 00621

Tel. +254 20 720 0000


Text: Leonor Villalfaña ± Photo: Tribe, The Village Market Hotel your social media marketing partner