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Rome is a city with vibrant streets, concealed gardens and amazing mansions. In the heart of a hidden, elegant street in the Parioli neighborhood is the Hotel Lord Byron, an old building of Art Déco style that has been transformed into a hotel filled with magic. Its owner preserved its pure style and it takes us back in time to an era when straight lines where broken down and employed to create geometric figures. The hotel is a unique architectural gem that shelters a beautiful collection of art.


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The refreshing ambiance of its rooms invites guests to unwind and take a break from Rome's worldly noise, museums and streets filled with people, shops and sounds. The owner has fashioned a masterwork of art, including authentic salons where he exhibits a stunning assortment of portraits of women, each one more gorgeous than the last. To make the hotel even more charming, it features an excellent restaurant, with an elegant, flirtatious atmosphere, which easily competes with the finest restaurants in the capital. 
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Hotel Lord Byron

Via G. De Notaris 5

00197 Roma, Italia

T 39 063 22 04 04

F 39 063 22 04 05

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Text: Patrick Monney ± Photo: Patrick Monney