A Caribbean star

Dominating a gorgeous white sand beach where turquoise waves die, La Samanna is a true, glittering diamond that shines in this tropical garden setting.

Guests can enjoy the magnificent view available from each room, the Spa is in charge of revitalizing body and soul and the breeze invites them to relax on the private beach while they are pampered by the excellent service.

The swimming pool, bar and ambiance make it one of the five best hotels in the Caribbean. It is an authentic legend and a place where tradition is upheld with style, luxury and elegance.



Its famous, distinguished restaurant, considered one of the top three of the region thanks to chef La Tha’an, is the finest on the island, a spot where you can dine and enjoy an unparalleled view.

Isolated by the flamboyants, which, thanks to their orange color, stand out against the incredible color of the sea, La Samanna, with its refined, relaxing ambiance, is a true paradise far from the noisy casinos on the Dutch side of the island.



Located on the French side, it has created a way of enjoying the luxurious tropical warmth shaded by coconut palms. It is a fabulous fantasy in which each nook and cranny offers sophistication, unexpected surprises and the peaceful bar transports you to a sensual world. In addition, we cannot forget to specially mention the swimming pool, which, at the cocktail hour, is lit up by torches and stands out against a horizon painted by beautiful sunsets. It is an image that will etch precious images on your soul and invite you to return. La Samanna is a paradise in a paradise.    




La Samanna

Grupo Orient Express

P.O. Box 4077

97064 Saint Martin, French West Indies

T 590-590-87 64 00

F 590-590-87 87 86

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Text: Patrick Monney ± Photo: Patrick Monney.