Tradition From The Past

Built in 1883 and marvelously restored by the Oberoi group, the Windsor is a national monument, a Melbourne emblem that brings to mind its Victorian past. Its salons preserve an air of times gone by, its restoration treasures the elegance of other eras and the walls vibrate with the history of its moments of splendor and crisis. The huge suites shelter feelings of its past and its walls could tell anecdotes of forgotten times.

Located facing the Parliament, in the most “Parisian” zone of the city, where street trams crisscross the wide avenues and near the train station, the Windsor is perfectly convenient for going to the theater or shopping. The best restaurants, the Princess Theater, museums and the most outstanding attractions are only a few steps from the hotel.



Staying in the Windsor is like living in the past, you can dine as if you were in Paris and enjoy a modern, conservative Australian city, a place where several worlds, represented by different ethnic groups of immigrants, come together. The Windsor Oberoi is a truly magical world.   



103 Spring Street

Melbourne VIC 3000

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Text: Patrick Monney ± Photo: Patrick Monney.