The Haumana

The Haumana is a 36 by 13.8 m (118 by 45.2 ft) catamaran with a shallow draft of only 1.8 m (6.1 feet), which allows it to sail near the lagoon’s shores. It carries a maximum of 36 passengers and its cabins are spacious and luxurious.

The staff invites you to relax and join a cheerful ambiance, with music and traditional dances. The chef spoils guests with tastes from the islands, vanilla is added to the dishes and the fresh, passenger-caught fish is creatively served. The Haumana’s ceviche is renowned. 



Visits to the motus are organized in order to watch birds, the reef, gorgeous white or rose sand beaches, scuba dive or practice fly-fishing, the place’s specialty. The nights, white with stars, are the best moments for gatherings and parties.

Sailing on the Haumana lets you explore the more than 50-mile Rangiroa lagoon, or the smaller Tikehau lagoon. The craft is an invitation to lavishly discover the sport of fishing as well as the beauty of the Tuamotu Archipelago.      


Text: Patrick Monney ± Photo: Patrick Monney