Acapulco’s city government promotes and protects your investment both in the areas of tourism and real estate development, offers tax incentives and discounts that include up to 70 percent of the cost of building permits, acquisition taxes, real estate taxes and other incentives that assure the investor the government’s solid support.

State and federal governments also offer fiscal incentives on personal income taxes as well as on payments for the registration title deeds for corporations in the Public Property Registry and for registering credit agreements.



Acapulco continues developing all areas of industry and services, registering annual investments of more than 29 billion pesos.  In fact, in accordance with information provided by the city government, as of August 2004, private investment in Acapulco, reached $2,711,036,204 dollars, being on othe favourite spots, the are of Acapulco Diamante.

But investment opportunities are not limited to the Diamante area. Plans call for the development of the entire city of Acapulco.  This means that not only tourism investment is welcome, although it has been the main investment for many years. The city also wants to attract industry, agro-industry, commerce, services, real estate, and agriculture, this is why the office of the Procuraduría de la Inversión (Attorney General for Investment) was created. Its goal is to attract, assist and advise investors, assure their legal safety, and thus make them more eager to bring their capital to Acapulco.


Latest investments

• Centro Comercial Las Palmas

• Vida Mar Real Estate

• Club Vida Mar

• Torre Emporio

• Residencial Palmeiras

• Condominio del Mar

• Villas del Sha

• El Partenón Book Store

   and Cultural Center

• Carrefour

• Coppel

• Water Purifying and Bottling



Text: Araceli Cano ± Photo: A&S Photo-Graphics / Carlos Sánchez Pereyra