A heaven of tranquility 

Open all year around, the Pearson’s Pond is the ideal place to rest, relax and rejuvenate. In the middle of the woods and near a pond and a waterfall, the stillness of the gardens is perfect to enjoy a cup of tea or a glass of wine.

The hotel is equipped with whirlpool tubs, Wi-Fi, cable, sauna, gym and spa. Every luxury suite has got a Jacuzzi, environment friendly electronic chimneys and areas to cook. It also has a pier to enjoy the pond and going kayaking.

During the summer season one can practice mountain biking, glacier walking, hiking, fishing, or enjoy viewing the bears and whales. In winter season, among other activities one can practice cross-country biking, skiing, ice-skating or one may watch the aurora borealis from the whirlpools.

The casual elegance of its interiors and the surrounding landscape make this mini-resort the ideal place for adventure trips or spa holidays and honeymoons.








Pearson’s Pond Luxury Inn & Adventure Spa

Sawa Circle 4541, Juneau, 99801

Alaska, Estados Unidos

Tel. 00+1+907-789-3772



Texto: Sofía Reyna ± Photo: pc / art nancys / pearson pond / LH3 / LOVEINESS