Classical and traditional camping

In no other place you could wake up to the singing and dancing of a tribe with a rich ancestral culture, the Antandroy, in an exclusive camp on the bank of river Mandrare, soul of the region.

Below the tamarind trees, surrounded by forests, in the southern extreme of Madagascar, the Mandrare River Camp is established with six large safari canvas tents, in an alluring combination of rustic luxury, with sumptuous canopy beds, local cuisine with the most delicious ingredients, hot showers and toilet service; and a veranda with a view of a wonderful panorama of unique photographs.



This arid region shelters contrasting ecosystems among thorny forests, holy jungles, sand beaches, the valley and mountains; the same as a varied species of fauna: coucal, owl and more than 15 types of birds, chameleon and the representative lemur in its four species: mouse lemur, ring -tailed lemur, Verreaux’s sifaka and white- footed sportive lemur.

Aloof from civilization and Western culture, it offers the possibility to approach and learn the customs of the Antandroy in the Ifotaka small village, to enjoy their music and their practices of their ancestor veneration practices, competitions and ways of living.

A unique trip to live it up, contemplate and learn.





Mandrare River Camp

Campamento Sudeste,


Tel. +26 132 056 1900


Text: Daniela Esquer ± Photo: BENCJIN ONA / TRIP AFRICA / AFRICA REPS