• Being a relatively small country, it is easy to choose a place to stay, since the visitor will never be far from the commercial places; most of the hotels being in the Wan Chai zone, North Point in Hong Kong island; the same as in Tsim Sha.
  • The city features more than 40,000 restaurants of all types that range from international cuisine to the Asian gourmet neighborhood specialties.
  • It is recommended checking the weather before traveling; even though in spring it is nice, during summer could be very warm or in winter very cold.






  • Hong Kong allows an excellent pedestrian traffic; there exist walking facilities to move around the city without the need to use car or any other transport means, crossing through its buildings, bridges and malls.
  • Ladies Market is a must-see for the tourist, being the most famous mart in Hong Kong, located at Mong Kok.
  • The Tsim sha Tsui Promenade has made Hong Kong famous; it is a sun and light show that can be appreciated from the harbor or aboard a boat.


Text: AMURA ± Photo: LANKWAI / dic / AJDS