History in just one place.

Within an air of nostalgia given by its Victorian architecture, Casa Ellul is a hotel located in La Valletta; ever since the XIX century when it was built by the Ellul family it has gained the reputation of being the ideal site for an exceptional stay in Malta. It’s guests and visitors claim that one of it’s attractions is it’s unique connection with the past.

The success of this singular hotel not only in it’s location over Old Theatre Street, a lane of small dimensions and little traffic over the Maltese city center; it is because of it’s 8 ample and comfortable rooms, which, even if arranged around a nice concentric patio, offer great intimacy, transforming the Casa Ellui into the perfect place to rest.



Having had a recent renovation made by the Maltese architect Chris Briffa, the compound presents modern décor integrating magnificently antique pieces in all aspects, such as a grandfather clock and a posh piano; bathtubs in classic style coexist with state-of-the-art shower.

Its 360° view from suite 7 is worth enjoying, same as it’s sun deck on top of the construc-tion.





Casa Ellul

Old Theatre Street, Il

Belt Valletta, Malta

Tel. +356 2122 4821



Text: Florenica Gutiérrez ± Photo: Casa Ellul