Living the true Maltese dream

Feeling in depth the soul of a destination is possible only through the experience of residing there; and that is precisely what the Palazzo Prince D’Orange offers. Having only 5 suites –which in fact are posh apartments—this XVII century baroque construction invites to live the authentic Maltese experience.

It’s terrace, with its fragrant flowers, is dreamlike; at the same time, each of it’s suites is unique and exclusive, entirely equipped, avant-garde. Nevertheless it keeps its charm to generate a highly personalized sensation of welcome and comfort.




Cozy bedrooms, unforeseen libraries, mesmerizing lounges, a gorgeous style and kitchens with everything necessary for those who want to prepare viands from the region while they taste a good Maltese wine in the captivating intimacy of their lodging.

Without a doubt this is the closest experience of residing in La Valletta along with that ineffable local magic. It’s staff is proficient in satisfying the guests’ needs in a spirit of service, care and kindness that brings the feeling of really being at home; besides, they are superbly knowledgeable of every detail in order to enjoy your stay to the maximum, so their gastronomic recommendations, tips and suggestions are invaluable.

It is perfect for reveling as a couple since no minor under 15 is admitted. It has chartering yacht, spa, gym, event hall and private tours; same as personal aide and chauffer services, among others amenities.






Palazzo Prince D’Orange

316 St. Paul’s Street,

Valletta, Malta.

Tel. +356 99558882


Text: Lizethe Dagdug ± Photo: Palazzo prince d’orange luxury suites