Antique charm and art 

Abeautiful and elegant decoration, warm and inspiring; this hotel specializes in custom made experiences as well as offering a unique site that makes a perfect balance with this destination; ambiance and art. The structure was built  1947, it’s Water Tower is a reference point of Punta del Este.

None of it’s rooms are alike, some could even qualify them as “more feminine” in their decoration, all of them have a cozy tone and are perfectly illuminated to generate peace, warmth and relaxation. Another detail that makes them unique are the antiques displayed in them, they accompany every space. Services in L’Aubergue are quite complete, you even have assistance for office tasks and other commodities that are very special, they are worth discovering.

The hotel specializes in offering the best distribution for events, both private and business oriented, they also have a deep interest in the particular need of every guest; The pool is vast, it serves perfectly for swimming or sunbathing, the gymnasium, situated on the highest point of the tower gives a beautiful view of the ocean, the garden is quite unique; several open spaces are devoted to have breakfast, the tea room and the grill are located alongside the pool, they offer a delicious first world gastronomic option with a touch of typical local flavour. Without a doubt a favorite in Punta del Este that transcends as one of the best options in all Uruguay.








Carnoustie y Av. del Agua, Pda. 19 Brava, Punta del Este, Uruguay.

Tel. +598 4248 8888


Text: Gwen San ± Photo: BUUTEEQ