A destination guarded by sea and nature 

Meet an experience that is born from passion and love toward the elements that surrounds us. These hidden villas are found near the city of Portsmouth, boarded by the ribbon of crystalline waters of Prince Rupert Bay. Guarded by impressive cliffs, this hotel situated in Dominican Republic has at it’s feet Tibay Beach and another secret bathed in white sands -known by the locals as Anse Quarre-.

The hotel was created by the awarded architect Fruto Vivas, with the purpose of exalting the paradisiac beauty of Secret Bay and minimizing the impact toward the environment. The echo-luxury villas and bungalows have been generously positioned throughout the landscape to grand secluding and privacy. All the properties offer spectacular views of the Caribbean and mountains filled of wild tropical jungles which are part of the conservancy proposals found here: Fort Shirley, Cabritos, National Park, Indian River and the Northern Forest Reservoir.







Secret Bay

Ross Blvd, Dominicana

Tel.+1 767 445 4444



Text: AMURA ± Photo: : Secret Bay