A chameleonic sanctuary

This hotel is found on one of the most hidden destinations of the globe. It counts with 11 villas, all of them elaborated with materials that were used during the rehabilitation process of the island.This project created one of the most simple and elegant of places; it created the architectonic movement known today as “barefoot luxury”.

The villas turn into a private beach club house with the ocean right at your doorstep; it’s colours evoke a marine environment and possesses fusions of rough and soft textures, simple and sophisticated that create a sumptuous sanctuary. Only one rule exists when visiting Seychelles: your itinerary must be as saturated as you desire.

Bathed by the Indian Ocean, North Island is much more than a destination- it’s a way of life; it has the perfect mix between energy and relaxation. An experience that exalts due to its contrasts. The island literally changes colour while the days turn into nights; as if a chameleon, the hue palette converts itself in 24 hours, passing from warm traces of orange, red and coral to fresh and crisp hints of turquoise and blue.

This experience cannot be distilled into a few words- our advice is that you create your own.







North Island

PO Box 1176, Victoria,

Mahé Seychelles

Tel: +248 4293 100



Text: AMURA ± Photo: North-Island / Mike Myers