Jewel in the Capital’s Crown

A social site reference icon for Manila is the hall with the “spider-sun” chandelier in The Peninsula, a hotel with 40 years of tradition that has become a distinguished emblem of Makati. It has the perfect location, near to several options from the most important museums and galleries in Manila, to the best nightclubs, bars and restaurants in the area. And just 15 minutes from the airport!

The suites are spacious and nicely decorated, but the most enjoyable thing about this legendary hotel is the multiple options between events, courses and specialized tours that elevate the best of Manila and its culture, as well as the best of us. Relaxation and health are deftly offered through the fitness center and the spa, both very complete in addition to the pool and inspiring gardens.

Surely, someone always will recommend us The Lobby, a magnificent restaurant in The Peninsula that we all know, but is worth given a chance to Spices restaurant or enjoy a variety of excellent local and traditional drinks at The Bar.






Corner of Ayala, Makati Avenue,1226 Makati City, Metro Manila, Filipinas / Philippines

Tel: +63 2 887 2888


Text: Elle Lawliet ± Photo: epa / peninsula / aro