The quarterdeck of the sun in Jodhpur

Winner of the Best Boutique Hotel in 2013, the Mihir Garh, also known as the “fort of the sun” in Jodhpur, this castle acts more life a refuge than a hotel. It is an inspiring home that we choose when we want to “go off the grid.” It draws us, intimately, into its roots and the marvelous culture of this travel destination.

Alishan is the name of the suites on the lower levels, each one furnished with its own patio and private pool. The suites on the first floor are called Shandaar and feature an exclusive outdoor Jacuzzi and private terrace. Other options include not only these marvelous suites but also experiences like the Wilderness Camp Rohet, consisting of luxury boutiques set about on the highest point of the sand dunes. The stores are surrounded by nature and guests can admire the starlight and the views from these points. It is said that at this point, silence acquires and new meaning, and can even be “heard.”

Futhermore, the hotel is home to an equestrian program that is unique in the world, where only the finest Marwari horses display their strength and liberty with a vigor that illustrates the best of the spirit of Jodhpur. It is a sophisticated and wild tone that can only be found in this extraordinary natural and virgin reserve. The Village Safari offers a cultural experience in rural India, one that inspires one to feel previously unknown sensations. Guests can also enjoy a picnic with a royal flare near the shores of the lakes and the jheels that dot the region. It is an unforgettable experience in this corner of the globe.






Leela Palace Udaipur

C/O Rohet House, P.W.D. road, Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India

Tel. +91-83027-06909


Text: Lisa Katana ± Photo: Luxury Hotels / SWAM