•Before traveling, we recommend you to review the specific condition required by Italy to make your stay as pleasant as you’ve planned, we suggest you visit:

•The kind of transportation that you will take to follow the path suggested by us, ranges from aircraft to car rental or the use of ferries, there are a variety of agencies that can offer the best options for your journey to be safe and fun.

•We recommend to carry at least one credit card, ATM machines are safe and reliable as well as major international banks. As always we mainly recommend you the use of Traveler’s Checks.

•Food is varied and we suggest that you venture to experience the wide variety of seafood dishes and Mediterranean cuisine, that Italy has to surprise you beyond its pasta dishes. Surely you will find the menu that suits your taste, and not have to deprive yourself to know the traditional flavors of the land.

•We recommend you travel between March and September. Some of the major hotels and restaurants are closed during winter, although you can find snow destinations with great attractions, if yours is winter tourism.

•Although tips are not usual, we suggest you to follow the local customs; cultural affinity will help you to make contact with the people of that country, which will your travel easier




•Before traveling, decide what kind of tourism you will do, in Italy there are all kinds of routes: from archeological to artistic, cultural or design ones.

•In Milan (located in the Lombardy) we recommend you to visit the ruins of the ancient Roman City (Mediolanum), set between the great Renaissance and contemporary buildings. The most representative Milanese buildings dating from the Renaissance as the Castello Sforzesco and the Parco Sempione, so you could travel through the various architectural stages of the city.

•You should not miss the Duoumo Square, where you’ll find the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, and the designer boutiques of both Italy, and other parts of the world, so you could discover the novelties before other design centers.

•All together, the Royal Palace and the Gallery Ambrosiana and the Gallery Brea are a must see on your visit as well as its many churches and the Theatre of the Scale, where you should attend to enjoy some of the best operatic repertoire.

•You can also enter the antique market dei Navigli, or attend the feast of St. Ambrose (patron of the city), on December 7, each year.

•We suggest that you visit the province and the municipality of Abbiategrasso, and its parade Palio of San Pietro.

•Another option are the Baths of San Colombano al Lambro, where you can immerse yourself in sulfur water to energize you and prolong your youth.



Text: AMURA ± Photo: Jueguen Mangels