An exotic adventure in Bali

AAttached to a hill watching the sea, between forest and lush gardens, the Four Seasons Jimbaran is an Eden where the water comes from where it takes the eye. At its feet lies the calm sea of Jimbaran Bay, deep blue, next to the white sand beach. Each villa welcomes us with its Balinese-style room, its garden and its outdoors living room with a view to its own private pool before dipping into the ocean.The moisture and moss covered stone figures monitor the scenery and makes us dream of the Ramayana, of the gods and guardians of the Hindu world. 

The large dining room from the hotel invites us to enjoy the lavish breakfast or the long evenings enjoying dinner accompanied with the best dishes. One finds itself surrounded by ponds with fountains that emerge from the mouths of dragons and lizards that swim among the water plants.


It is also a delicious pleasure to dine in the restaurant Warun Mie, hidden inside a majestic garden where the terrace is accessed through the pond, crossing over rocks to enjoy the delicious and refined traditional food, where the chef explains each ingredient and spices combined in these dishes.


The spa is one of the treasures of the Resort, with its halls immersed in flowers and incense perfume, waterfalls uplifting mental music and massages that levitate body and soul. The aromas of the ocean, flowers and spices incite to revive and invade our deepest being.

For the more adventurous, the hotel offers tennis, cooking classes, swim in the large pool, business center, gym, and all tours to discover the enchanted island decorated with rice paddies.

Touring the gardens through its flower decorated roads, enjoying the views over the beach, and discovering the different stone gods that inhabit this paradise, are the pleasures that immerse us in a nirvana worthy atmosphere. With the pools of its villas, delicious meals and the bewitchment of massage, Four Seasons Jimbaran Bay is one of the best hotels in the world that offer a piece of heaven on the edge of the sea, to the rhythm of the gods’ chants inhabiting the Hindu world.



Four Seasons Resort Jimbaran Bay, Jimbaran, Dempasar, Bali

T: 62 (361) 701 1010 




Text:  Patrick Monney ± Photo: Cortesía Four Season Jimbaran Bay