Amongst the five-star hotel in South America, the Panoramic Hotel Iguazú distinguishes itself in the border zone of Argentina and Brazil with its 91 rooms and all the advantages superior class travelling inside a unique environment. The Argentinean cuisine, especially the finer cuts found on the southern parts of the country, the Brazilian cuisine, rich in color and jungle flavours, complement guest at the same time they enjoy this international destination.

The Iguazú Falls are located inside the Misiones province, at the Iguazú National Park, in Argentina, and the Iguaçu National Park, in the state of Paraná, Brazil. Furthermore, the falls are nearby the borders of Paraguay and Argentina (13,8 km away following a straight line). Both areas of the falls, the Argentinean and the Brazilian, have been declared a World Heritage by UNESCO.



The Panoramic’s 91 rooms not only feature king size beds, Wi-Fi connection, mini bar and safe box, but also the proximity of nature given the location of this magnificent hotel. The panoramic views define each room: Views towards the River offers guest the opportunity to admire the beauty of the Iguazú and Paraná Rivers; views to the garden offers a glimpse towards the waterfall built to seamlessly blend with the surrounding vegetation; the Junior Suite offers views towards the river, and the fourth floor of the Panoramic Suite provides the most privileged views towards the spectacle of nature that Iguazú offers.  

Guests of Panoramic Hotel Iguazú are given the opportunity to travel to the Iguazú Falls, a natural beauty of between Brazil and Argentina, where they can become acquainted with the force of the jungle area. Guest are advised to hire a tour guide in order to explore this impressive spectacle. One can access these areas by riding the “Tren de las Cataratas”, a train that arrives at the “Estacion Garganta del Diablo” – The Devil’s Throat station. From there, guest will hike through the newly built catwalk, which snakes its way between the islands for 1,100 meters until it reaches the ample balconies located at the of the Devils Throat. The tour, from start to finish, lasts approximately two hours, and the last train leaves promptly at 16:30.






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Text: AMURA ± Photo: Panoramic Hotel Iguazú.