In the heart of the city island

With a location within the financial district and a neoclassical architecture, the Fullerton offers 400 rooms, within the facilities that on occasion were headquarters of post offices in Singapore.

The hotel has excellent restaurants and a personalised service, combining tradition with a contemporary style to the delight of the guests, who can also appreciate the hotel’s atrium when it is light by the Sun or look at the great landscapes of the river or Marina Bay, from the comfort of your balcony.

The position of the enclosure allows customers to travel anywhere in the city, thanks to the proximity of the roads.

In addition, the guests more interested in pandering their body can make use of the relaxing treatments offered by the Artisan Spa.

The Fullerton Hotel in Singapore is a member of Historic Hotels Worldwide, one of the associations that promote cultural tourism in the world.






Fullerton Hotel

1 Fullerton Square, Singapore 049178

65 6733 8388


Text: Alonso Bejarano ± Photo: WPS/BP/PASSAGE FOD/PASSAGES