Provided with five stars, this magnificent hotel –in Cascais area- attracts anyone looking for the maximum comfort. Built in what it was a palace of King Humberto II of Italy, today the Grande Real Villa Hotel & Spa offers 124 rooms with high designs in bluish and greyish colors that evoke the sea, inviting to rest and live a purely pleasurable experience. The suites have more striking and exotic colors to give more warmth to the spaces. Likewise, each of the rooms has beautiful views either to the lovely gardens or, the ever coveted sea. And if you prefer staying in one of its three Penthouses, could well enjoy with a good glass of port wine, while from the terrace you will be ravished by the view of new horizons.






Grande Real Villa Italia Hotel & Spa

Rua Frei Nicolau de Oliveira 100,

2750-319, Cascais, Portugal

Tel. 351 210 966 000


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