It’s true that different parts of the world offer incomparable traces, some of them rest in our minds as if they were postal cards. They are icons of a country or culture who make as reference. After all: what would be of Paris without the Eiffel Tower? or London with no Big Ben? even Egypt without it’s Guiza pyramids!

Certain jewels are hidden within each country we set foot in, spaces that await to be unraveled, places that don’t share the same virtue as those we mentioned, however, they exist. What is so special about them?

Well, some of these emblems weren’t created by man, but Nature. Let's see:  


1. Dean’s Blue hole:

Located in Bahamas, it has 202 meters, which makes it the most profound dent in the world. We are talking about a cave that owes its name to the evident contrast between the dark blue and it’s lighter tones on the rim. The water flow is almost null, in its composition there is no oxygen, which is why maritime life is almost non existent; it is so inhospitable that only bacteria and fish that have managed to survive its surroundings. 

2. The desert wave:

Wind and erosion are the author of this masterpiece created by time and nature. Worthy of forming part of any surreal show exhibit, this wave is located in the Arizona desert.This wonder of warm tones has a very reduced access; in it, only ten people per visit can enjoy it’s magical setting.

3. Tulip fields: 

We have arrived to Holland to encounter this fields. In them, lively colors are abundant, and the beauty of nature results exhilarating. Unfortunately, this gift doesn’t last year-round; the best season to visit is April. If you are in this latitude during Spring, go visit. Over 25 km of sheer beauty await, the most emblematic sights are Leiden and Haarlem.

4. The enchanted island of Japan:

Yakushima is a dense forest which adjusts extreme humidity; the result is a truly unique landscape, with a somber tone that even become dark but truly appealing. The strange forms in it’s trees and vegetation are the main event, they are truly exceptional.

5. A lake of fire: 

Erta Ale is a highly active volcano in Ethiopia. It’s longitud reaches the 613 meters, it posses two large craters that plunge it’s surface; it is one of the few lava lakes in the world. It is a highly visited sight, but it isn’t inhabited due to obvious reasons.

6. The rock forest:

This forest is a conjunction of basaltic formations located in Shilin Yi, China. It’s highly polished rocks seem like petrified trees. The place itself gives the illusion of being in a dream; seemingly being sculpted by the most talented artist.

Without a doubt, nature is unique!