It’s the first LBJ to maintain sea level pressure in its cockpit at 41 thousand feet, allowing its pas-sengers to arrive “Fresh” to their destination after a long trip. Emivest Aerospace proudly pre-sents the SJ30, a business jet that last November set a new speed world record of 7 hours with 7 minutes –know after this as the “007”- after flying from London to Dubai, with a 41 minute fuel recharge in Istanbul, Turkey.

“The 007” flew 5, 600 km, at an average speed of 786 km/h, this accomplishment was officially certified by the National Aeronautical Association for aircrafts weighing less than 20,000 pounds.

Before, this same model flew 14, 500 km in 24 hours, from San Antonio, Texas to Dubai, Arab Emirates taking its passengers to enjoy the “Dubai Air Show”.

Emivest Aerospace formerly known as Sino Swearingen Aircraft is a airplane construction company and also a subsidiary for Emirates Investment & Development, a company that sees the Middle East as a great expansion market in the world of Private Jets, where experts consider that sales of 720 million dollars will be reached this year.




The Fastest

The SJ30 is the fastest Light Business Jet (LBJ) in its category. It is made for speed, where innovating designs to the wing’s aerodynamics were applied, letting it get rid of strong winds and turbulence, resulting in a softer and more comfortable flight, independent of the speed.

Besides, the SJ30 offers the highest range- 2,500 nautical miles-, the highest cruising speed- Mach .83- and the highest altitude in its category -49,000 feet-, flying over the clouds to avoid turbulence during the trip, as well as air traffic, in a more direct route to the destination.

This model is the first LBJ to maintain sea level pressure in its cockpit at 41 thousand feet, allowing its passengers to arrive “Fresh” to their destination a several hours trip. It’s a high performance model, ideal to be piloted by  a certified pilot, carrying seven passengers. The combination of the previously mentioned –speed, distance, height and flight smoothness- with a light engine and a advanced aerodynamic design make the SJ30 25% more efficient in fuel consumption than other high performance jets, being this another benefit for this model’s owner.


The Interior

On board, everything is unique; the elegant ambiance in the cockpit is created to enjoy the trip. Everything has been considered down to the last detail for the 7 passengers and the pilots.

The reclining seats are extra wide and very comfortable, with deployable working tables, full connectivity, computer ports and telephone access next tho the seat, to maximize time during the flight.

Fine leather is used in the interior details, elegantly designed to fit the owner’s needs and likes, who will be satisfied to the last detail by the interior designers. A toilet service is also available.


Ahead of its Time/strong>

The SJ30, designed by aviation pioneer Edward J. Swearingen is the Emivest Aerospace Corporation’s top Aircraft.

Swearingen, the engineering genius behind the SJ30 has a lifetime of experience working in the aviation industry, having received numerous awards from the FAA and the NBAA. His name is on the Texas Aviation Hall of Fame, as recognition for his contribution to the aeronautic industry.

Way ahead of its time -and the competition’s- Swearingen was the first person to recognize the need of creating a small corporate jet with great reaction capabilities in terms of speed and reach. The result was the SJ30, the first business jet concept in the market since 1963. 




Technical Data


42.33 ft

Wing Height

3.57 ft


46.90 ft


14.25 ft


2, FJ44-2A Williams International


2,876 millas, 2500 nm

Maximum Speed

Mach 0.83, 560 mph


49,000 ft


7 + pilot

Take of thrust

2,300 lbs c/u

Distance for take of

3,938 ft

Distance to land

2,941 ft

Max. Ramo weight

14,059 lbs


500 lbs


Text: Laura Velázquez ± Photo:Cortesía de Embraer.