Celebrates at Large

To celebrate its first 50 years of existence, Gulfstream presented the G650, the largest and most technological advanced Business jet of the company, the perfect combination of luxury and business travel to which only a few may access.

The totally new Gulfstream G650 offers the roomiest cabin in the market, with a variety of equipment on board, as well as a large trip reach beyond what you could ever have imagined: Mexico City-London.

The model offers the largest and most advanced status, speed, passenger cabin and pilot cabin within the Gulfstream fleet, able to take comfortably the passenger at 7 thousand nautical miles (12 thousand 964 kilometers), at a speed of 0.85 Mach, or 5 thousand nautical miles (9 thousand 260 kilometers) at 0.90 Mach.

Taking advantage of its aerodynamic design, the G650 has a maximum speed of operation of 0.925 Mach, which turns it into the fastest civil aircraft.

It can reach a maximum altitude of 51 thousand feet, to avoid the crowded line of the commercial air lines traffic as well as the adverse weather and for a nice and pleasant trip without surprises.



Wider Cabin

The comfort is the main character in the G650. The cabin without finishes measures 102 inches (259 cm) wide and 77 inches (196 cm) height, the largest among the Business jet.

The manufacturer offers 12 possible variations of the interiors, as well as the alternative of a special design for the client.

The details of the cabin are made under the philosophy of the Essential design, which means that the main systems of the G650 have been created with redundancy, so that any aspect looses functionality.


Flight Control

It counts with the most technologically advanced pilot’s cabin, Plane View, that includes four LCD displays of 14 inches, three computer tablets Plane Book, a functionality controller with flight instrumental and a radar with a tridimensional scanner, with a data base integrated, to eliminate confusion and disorder during the flight in bad weather conditions.

In addition, it uses the latest vision systems to improve the alert situation of the pilot and to fly secure. These standard systems include the Gulfstream Enhanced Vision System (EVS II), Synthetic Vision-Primary Flight Display (SV-PFD) and Head-Up Display (HUD II).



Optimum Engine Fulfillment

The G650 is propelled by a pair of new Rolls-Royce engines BR725; each one provides 16 thousand 100 pounds of drive n the take-off.

Manufactured in Germany, this engine has a turbine of 50 inches with 24 sheets to improve the flow and increase the efficiency, reduce the sound and to drop the emissions.

For example, you can travel the 10 thousand 255 kilometers between Dubai and Chicago 88 minutes faster than the existing jets of large range. It shortens 31 minutes the trip of 7 thousand 708 kilometers between Los Angeles to London, and 50 minutes the 9 thousand 550 kilometers between Nueva York and Tokyo.


Maximun Security

To ensure that all the systems are kept in their optimum fulfillment, the Gulfstream G650 keeps connected to an automatic maintenance program, which transmits the information to the operations department to the client, with an optional copy to the Gulfstream Technical Operations.

The fuselage uses a structural design completely new as well as the manufacture process, including adhesive panels, mechanized structures and precision assembly.

These new methods not only improve the quality of the aircraft, its adjustment and finishes, also reduce the time of assemble and the need of excessive replacement pieces.

This new jet insignia of Gulfstream is the new office in the air, unique in its kind, of high technology, that joins a combination of characteristics without a precedent.



Technical Data


Maximum take-off weight

99,600 lb

Maximum landing weight

83,500 lb

Maximum weight cero fuel

60,500 lb

Maximum useful load

6,500 lb

Useful load with maximum fuel

1,800 lb

Fuel maximum weight

44,200 lb


Maximum range

12,964 km


8 passengers + 4 crew

Normal trip speed

Mach 0.85 - 488 kts

High trip speed

Mach 0.90 - 516 kts

Take-off distance

6,000 ft

Landing distance

3,000 ft

Initial trip altitude

41,000 ft

Maximum trip altitude

51,000 ft

Maximum operation in Mach



Text: Laura Velázquez ± Photo:Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation.