Worthy of a Winning Golfer

Such demanding professions like the one of Spanish Golfer Sergio Garcia, not only requires having the best set of golf clubs with the latest technology and the best physical and mental atrainers, having the latest generation jet is also necessary, in order to make intercontinental flights in a very relaxing mood towards every tournament he participates in.

Among the Spaniard’s first objectives when he decided to turn pro, was to acquire a Jet and for this he chose the Hawker 850XP, becoming this way in the Jet’s main promoter among the selected clientele for Hawker Beechcraft Corporation (HBC)

A few weeks ago, the 7 time PGA Tour tournament winner was in Geneva, Switzerland, attending the European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition (EBACE) as a witness for the delivery of the first Hawker 4000, the first super-mid Business Jet equipped with the latest in technology, inclu-ding the use of composite during its construction.

 “The outstanding performance of the Hawker 4000 is the perfect complement for a professional Golfer like Sergio, owner of a Hawker”, said Brad Hatt, president for the commercial aircraft division in HBC. “The Hawker 4000, leader for its performance on the segment, represents excellence for all of Sergio’s travel needs”, he added.



Professional since 1999, Garcia is a Hawker 850XP owner, in which he travels from side to side of the planet, alternating his presence between the USA and European Tours. “My tournament schedule takes me around four continents, traveling back and forth from  the United States to Europe”, co-mmented Garcia.

“Since the acquisition of my Hawker 850XP three years ago, I haven’t missed one my tournaments or any other event. My relation with HBC is unbeatable and I am anxiously waiting to get my new Hawker 4000”.



Bigger Range

The Hawker 4000 is faster and offers a bigger performance range than its competitors, like the Bombardier Challenger 300. Being the best in the super-mid category, it needs a little more than 500 meters to land. Reaching 37 thousand ft above sea level only takes around 14 minutes. And once in the right altitude, it reaches its maximum cruise speed of Mach 8.4, the equivalent for 896 km/h, so its passengers can arrive on time for the tee time in the golf course.

Powered by two powerful PW308A engines built by Pratt & Whitney Canada, delivering 6, 900 pounds of thrust each, the Hawker 4000 combines them with an advanced designed wing, for a comfortable and safe flight.

The cockpit of the Hawker 4000 has a Honeywell Epic Avionic Suite, with five 8x10 inch LCD High Definition Screens through which a perfect control of everything happening on the plane is achieved during the flight. Its built offers certainty in lower maintenance costs.



On the interior, Sergio Garcia will be able to move comfortably, since the passengers cabin has 1.83 meters height from floor to ceiling and 1.97 meters wide, which results perfectly for transcontinental flights.

The aircraft has a wide area so the Golfer can be accompanied by friends and his precious set of golf clubs obviously, with the possibility of carrying up to 400 kg of luggage, in a 88 cubic centimeters area that can be accessed during the flight.

 Seven more adults can travel with Garcia, in a standard configuration, all of them comfortably installed in fine leather seats. In case of a special requirement in the interior design, the Golfer may choose the one that adapts better to his taste and needs from a wide variety of available materials.

A permanents small kitchen allows the preparation of hot food and refreshing drinks during the flight, it also has a comfortable bathroom.

With all of the above, Sergio Garcia wont have any excuses for getting his long awaited first Major of his career, which has been denied in the past years.



Specs Chart








Length 69 ft 6 in

Height 19 ft 9 in

Spread 61 ft 9 in

Weight 39,700 lb

Length 25 ft

Height 6 ft

Width 6 ft 5.5 in

Cockpit 150 ft3

Passengers cabin 763 ft3

Total volume 8912 ft3

Total (114,5 ft3)

Number 2

Builder Pratt & Whitney


Model PW308A

Maximum (45,000 ft)

Maximum (0.84 Mach, 482 knots,

555 mph)

Landing 5,169 pies


Text: Laura Velázquez ± Photo: Cortesía Hawker Beechcraft Corporation.