Victory in the Air

Tihe Epic Victory offers jet speed, latest generation technology and single-pilot operation at the most important; at a price of USS 1 million. In honor of its name. I made a successful maiden flight manufacturer. Epic, hopes that it i first Very Light Jet to reach the market with everything a VU must offer.

This model is conceived so that the owner can fly the jet accompanied by his family, taking them calmly and effortlessly to a cruising speed of 365 knots with a thrust of 320 knots, with a range of 2.222 kilometers (1,200 nautical miles).



For improved pilot comfort the flight deck is equipped with the latest-generation avion- ics system, the computer-designed Garmin Glass G1000. The controls operate in total har- mony to provide the Victory jet with a han- dling quality that pilots dream about by substituting traditional analog systems.

The Garmin Glass G1000 is a complete screen system that concentrates all the instruments, including the GPS and other dig- ital aviation instruments, that leaves nothing to be desired, it even includes FMS. which is installed in some commercial airliners.

The interiors of this new model follow the same parameters as the company's previous models: high levels of luxury. The cabin is made of composite carbon fiber, with all the features dad in fine leather, so travelers will enjoy a very quiet flight.

The Victory is powered by a Williams International FJ-33-4A engine, which enables takeoff in only 10 minutes. Even with the full fuel tank, the aircraft provides more than 408 kilograms of useful fuel load to easily cany 4 to 5 passengers with all their luggage.


Successful Maiden Flight

The Victory's maiden flight, which took place on July 6 this year, meant a feat in aviation history because the jet took to the skies at Redmond. Oregon after only 202 days from the commencement of the design works from scratch. Never before had an aircraft company achieved this in such a record time! During the year, the unveiling of the prototype caused a sensation at private aviation fairs.

The following step was to obtain certifica- tion. first in Canada and then in the United States. Although, there is no date for the jet to start certification tests, the target date is 2009.




Everybody Move Overt

For Rick Schrameck. Epic's CEO. after the maiden flight, his favorite saying was "All other VUs move aside.1", after seeing the Victory climb to 14.000 feet and only needed 457 meters of runway to land softly. On this test flight, the aircraft carried aboard the Garmin 900 avionics team, although it is expected that the new VLJs will be equipped with the Garmin G1000 system.

But this is not the first occasion that Epic puts on a technological demonstration with its jets. In 2003. Schrameck made a similar announcement during the AirVenture fair in Oshkosh, where he showed the artistic concepts of the so-called Epic LT. Twelve months later, in 2004. he flew the plane at AirVenture.

Schrameck expects that at least six Victory jets will be delivered to clients by the end of the year, with the following clarification. "This is not a promotional price ora 2002 dollarprice that we have seen for other jets, this is the actual price of the Victory*. 



Technical Data



4 o 5


6.5 psi


1, Pratt &Whitney Series FJ-33-4A



33.4 ft


36.3 ft


10.7 ft

Cabin Lenght

4.7 ft


4.4 ft



2,700 lb

MaximumTake offWeight

2,700 lb


5,500 lb


MaximumCruising Speed

320 knots

Economic Cruising speed

250 nudos


28,000 ft

Time to Ceiling

28,000 ft / 10min

Economic Cruising range




Text: Laura Velázquez ± Photo: Cortesía de Epic Aircraft