With a limited edition of one hundred pieces in its versions in platinum, white gold and pink gold, IWC presents the Portuguese Regulator, which is now ennobled with a tourbillon that is being carried just by one side, while being observed the great beauty and the mechanical allure of the exhaust inside this tiny tourbillon may be appreciated without hindrances.

The Portuguese Regulator, with manual spring and hours, minutes and seconds hands, separated spatially which remind us to the father of the mechanical precision watches; it is now promoted to the supreme category with a limited edition. This way, a unique watch gathers two technical developments that were both at the service of the precision time measurement.        

 It is how IWC presents the tourbillon, this beautiful complication, which may only be realized by master watchmakers, and for the special limited edition of the Tourbillon Portuguese Regulator, with box of 43 mm of platinum, white gold and pink gold, it has conceived a face of new design. Unlike the “previous” regulators, the separated counters for the hours and for the seconds have a rhodium coating which enhances them optimum and discretely.      



 The same way the hours are indicated with Roman numbers. The twister of minutes, set out inthe 9 hours, forms an ideal optical frame along with the two inner spheres for the hours and the seconds and it has been granted to the minutes hand a more solid shape that harmonizes perfectly with the classic design of the face.          

Without a doubt the lucky owners of a Tourbillon Portuguese Regulator, will enjoy this marvel of the watchmaker´s of this Swiss house, that keep surprising us with pieces which reach perfection in the matter of time measurement. IWC International Watch & Co. continue writing the history of the watchmaker's shop since the Swiss locality of Schaffhausen, where was founded in 1868 by the American watchmaker Florentine Ariosto Jones. He introduced machines and procedures that then were not usual in Switzerland and that quick gave fame to its business by its solids and precise pocket watches.        

The clocks IWC Portuguese, next to the Mark, the Ingenieur and the Portofino, all they have achieved that IWC of Schaffausen reach the prestige that today shows off. This series commemorates the successes and discoveries of the Portuguese navigators. The Portuguese clock Chrono-Automatic surely its the most representative one and acquaintance of the series, without forgetting the Portuguese F. A. Jones, the Portuguese Perpetual Calendar, the Portuguese Automatic, the Portuguese Minute Repeater or the Tourbillon Mystére.  


Text: Rafael Luna Grajeda ± Photo: IWC.