From Canadian soil the Learjet 60 XR arrives, a powerful mid-size jet from the Bombardier firm, ideal for companies that look for a plane with great features for their executives.

The aircraft is characterized for its legendary fulfillment to achieve a fast elevation in high speed, as well as an elevated operation panel and attractive appearance. If we add to it a list of standardized options and outstanding fuel efficiency and liability we have a perfect jet as a result.

The Learjet 60 XR offers a great number of elegant details which in long journeys are very appreciated by the travelers.

The spacious cabin, that allows staying standing up, completes with precious woods in the furniture, smooth and soft leather seats and fine textiles hand made to create a functional luxury sensation, as well as a gourmet kitchenette that elevates the experience up to the exquisite.

The cabin has a transverse oval unique section, which accommodates seven passengers in its original version, with more comfort than other planes of its kind.

One of the main features of the new cabin design is the modular design, which divides the plane in two zones of equal size in bow and stern.



With lighting strategically located, the Learjet 60XR cabin has a broad range of possibilities to choose from in order that its inner design adjusts perfectly to specific requirements. If you are looking for a special design of its interior, the Bombardier designers’ team and engineers are ready to make the proper changes.


Great power

The pair of powerful Pratt & Whitney PW305A motors generates a boost of 4 thousand 600 pounds in the take off, which have established new standards for the propulsion of the business jets.

Because of its low fuel consumption and great power these motors give the Learjet 60 XR an exceptional level and operation economy.

With the fastest elevation than any other mid-size jets, takes its seven passengers on top of the congested routes of the light planes.

The model is certified to fly up to 51 thousand feet of altitude (15 thousand 545 meters) at a speed of 0.81 Mach, carrying fast and comfortably the travelers, with a range of 4 thousand 380 kilometers (2 thousand 365 nautical miles).


Comfortable flight

Foe the comfort and safety of the passengers, it counts with a digital avionic system Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21.

In the design of the cabin the engineers considered everything that is essential for the pilots: systems and technology of human factor, panels reading reduced to the simplified data presentation. This engineering effort has effectively minimized the load of work of the pilot, while it increases the handling of the situation.

Installed in both sides of the instruments panel has four electronic flight displays AFD-3010, two are adaptive flight (PFD) and two are multifunction AFD-3010E (MFD).

This system distinguishes itself by offering backup copies in the radar displays for the pilot and copilot, dual instrumentation PDF, dual control of the displays; dual data computers of the air and dual radios.



Equipped as the great ones

The Learjet 60 XR offers systems and characteristics that are normally associated with the big airplanes, and even large airlines.

As a consequence: saves time, reduces the maintenance and the job of the pilot, which implies a high liability.


Benefits of the system:

• Approximately 10 minutes to recharge fuel.

• Practically there is no fuel management during the flight.

• The electric system provides great reserve power.

• The loss of any electrical component does not give place to any alteration in the functionality of the pilots’ cabin.

• Anti-ice cleaning system, unlike the starting systems or liquid anti-ice of other mid-size jets.

• Incorporates hydraulic systems as the large airplanes.

• Double wheel with anti-slip brakes in the main landing gear.

There are packages with options of avionic for the 60 XR which include:

Improved Package with Weather Detection that realizes the functions of the standard radar and detects and shows in its displays: turbulence, electrical storms and alert of ice conditions, all in favor of a comfortable flight, without mattering the distances.





Technical Data

Everybody Fits

• Seven passengers

It offers the best in comfort, with a pair of bucket seats in the front, for a working area more intimate, and in the stern the perfect disposition for conferences.

• Eight passengers

The standard configuration offers the top of the world, with a couch of three seats at the front of the plane which provides a space to relax, while in the rear provides a roomy space for business meetings or reunions.

• Nine passengers

It is designed to cover necessities charter type, very comfortable sofa of two seats with great comfort, as well as a kitchen and bathroom. 


Text: Laura Velázquez ± Photo: Cortesía de Bombardier.