Time doesn’t have a price

As it its already a custom, dear reader, in this occasion I will talk to you about a very special watch, It because our friends at Girard-Perregaux keep demonstrating that they are a strong brand and known in the watch world thanks to the effort that year by year they make with their pieces, obtaining a collection completely avant garde, innovative and successful.  

I am talking about ww.tc – Financial, the first chronograph in the world that amongst one of its main qualities the way to indicate in a same time the hour of different time zones of overture in four great stock s of the world as is the case of New York, London, Hong Kong and Tokyo, achieving the conjugation in extraordinary matter achieving the conjugation in extraordinary matter of great advances as far as technology goes, in the same way the task is given to create a concept and conquering appearance, giving a detailed and authentic esthetic, creating a union between two passionate and demanding worlds such as watch making and finances. 



It is a very interesting piece of time, keen and witty, since it owns a very advanced system which rests over two moving discs that surround the sphere; it also has a ring that represents 24 hours synchronized with the hand of the hours. Asimismo, posee un segundo anillo que puede ajustarse con la corona situada en la posición de las 9.00., y el cual muestra los nombres de veinticuatro ciudades con los cuatro periodos de actividad bursátil. Cuando el índice rojo del anillo de las horas se sitúa frente a uno de esos periodos, el mercado correspondiente está abierto.

The new ww.tc – Financial, created by   Girard-Perregaux, is firm and faithful to its passion by the care and demanding detail that characterizes the brand. For this particular time piece, the development of a ring for the hours that integrates time was made, creating a perfect execution of the contrast day/night which facilitates lecture and adapts to the sphere proposed in silver or anthracite. Owner of a gold case with generous diameter of 43milimeters, housing a mechanical movement of automatic cord from Girard-Perregaux. This sophisticated construction can be admired through an AR coating sapphire crystal. For the unconditional audience of stainless steel cases, it has been foreseen two limited series with enumeration.  

Girard-Perregaux launched its 2013 collection and without a doubt it will be a great acquisition to own a piece of this brand, since taking in consideration the artistry epitomizes in its ww.tc – Financial model, besides wearing efficiency, utility, exclusivity, demand and elegance, for those who like the charm of a watch that pleases the art and mechanics at the same time that it identifies with innovation and perfection. 

Text: Luis Peyrelongue ± Photo: ©Peyrelongue Chronos