Super light jet reinvented

The Canadian aircraft builder Bombardier has reinvented the concept of the super light jet specially designed for large corporations. The new, improved version, the Learjet 45 XR offers important benefits. Among them, a longer range carrying more passengers, shorter take-off distances in warm weather and high altitudes, faster rate of climb to the ideal ceiling and a greater cruising speed. 

It returns to the legendary high performance of the Learjet. offering all the advantages neces- sary to transport executives on their business flights. This means greater capacity and flexibility, going further and faster, with all the space of an exec- utive suite and the advantages of a pressurization system that provides optimum control of the air craft's environment.


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The cabin is really spacious six-meters long with more than 11 cubic meters. This means more head-, shoulder and leg room and an unprece dented level of comfort for eight passengers, who can interact easily and comfortably. The occupants can enjoy a functional cabin that allows them to maximize their time in a spacious and comfortable ambience so they can continue working during the flight and remaining in touch with their companies.

The standard configuration is four rows of two- seater seats and 4 51 centimeter executive tables. There is the option to reconfigure the cabin to replace the two-seater seats for medium sized seats and include two executive tables and two thin tables. All this depends on individual clients' tastes.

At the time of purchase. Bombardier assigns a group of specialists to each client to provide con- sultation during the final process of applying the interior details. This process includes the initial specifications session in a modern showroom, the engineering and the manufacture of the aircraft and including the finest details of the passenger and aircrew cabins.



The latest in systems

In terms of flight systems, the Learjet 45 XR boasts the very latest in avionics, which results on improved performance, safety, reliability and lower direct operating costs, thanks to the air craft's self testing and diagnosis capabilities, which reduce maintenance times and therefore, costs.

The 45 XR is equipped with the Honeywell Primus 1000 avionics system, which includes the Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS). equipped with an Engine Instrumentation Crew Alert System (EICAS) for new levels of systems management.

The plane's automatic pilot is characterized by a three-axis failure warning system that advises, but do not interrupt the automatic pilot functions. This provides maximum control in all flight conditions to increase passenger safety and comfort.


Outstanding performance

Powered by a pair of new Honeywell TFE731- 20-BR engines, the jet offers unbeatable per- formance to climb to cruising ceiling heights faster from any altitude. The engines allows greater cruising speed up to 58 knots faster than its closest competitors, better performance and climbing in a much times. 



Technical Data






Honeywell TFE731-20-BR


3,500 lb (15.56 kN)


Maximum range

2,087 nm

Maximum speed

0.81 Mach

(465 kt, 535 m/h, 860 km/h)

Long-range speed

0.75 Mach

( 800 km/h)

Landing speed

2,660 ft

Maximum operating altitude

51,000 ft

Rate of climb to ceiling

43,000 ft 25 min

Exterior Dimensions


57.6 ft


47.78 ft

Wing area

311.6 ft2 Tail height

55.67 ft

Total height

14.13 ft

Interior Dimensions

Cabin Length

19.75 ft

Cabin length ( central line )

1.56 m / 5.12 ft

Cabin wide (plant line)

3.1 ft

Cabin height

4.92 ft

Floor area

62 ft2

Cabin volume

410 ft3


Standing weight

21,750 lb

Maximum take-off

21,500 lb



Text: Laura Velázquez ± Photo:Cortesía de Bombardier