One of the characteristics of the executive jets, specially the widebody (wide cabin), is the easiness to adapt to the needs of the companies that look for an ideal transport for their executives.

Such is the case of the Challenger 850 of the Canadian firm Bombardier, considered number one in the business of the executive jets and third in the plane construction in general.
The Challenger 850 offers the proved advantages of a widebody cabin, with direct low costs of operation, liability of the transport and maintenance facility, al of it is part of the distinctive seal of the pioneer model of Bombardier, the CRJ200, where it comes from.

The aircraft is part of the Bombardier Challenger family of corporate transports that also includes the Challenger 870 and the 890, reuniting more than 6 millions of commercial service hours, which makes it a safe and proved model.

Each Challenger 850 model offers a selection of three basic configurations and multiple options of kitchen and bathroom, for adjusting to a vast range of customer needs. They are all characterized by cabins where you can be stand up, leveled floor, ideal for realizing several combinations of interiors, and a minimum distance of 79 centimeters between the soft leather seats, which in long trips is appreciated, specially those who are taller than 1.80 meters, as well as details carved in fine woods.

Relax on board
The design and construction of the Challenger 850 has set the standard of trustworthiness and value in its class. For its size and versatility offers the ability to create ambiences with much space, furthermore of personal solutions for any corporative requirement, having the facility of being able to create on board different areas – separated –work and relax, with the option of isolate them, plus counting with two baths, kitchenettes, closet and baggage area, to which its reached on board.

Regarding its value, easy maintenance and direct low costs of operation, the aircraft is related directly to its proud lineage of passenger aircraft. The worthy experience earned from the Bombardier CRJ200, as a revolution in the commercial regional trips, is what makes it an original, efficient and multi talented corporative aircraft.

Fuel-powered by a pair of motors General Electric CF34-3B1, the Challenger 850 offers a cruise speed of Mach 0.80 (859 km/h) and can fly up to 2 thousand 231 nautical miles (4 thousand 132 kilometers) with 27 passengers and on thousand 427 nautical miles (2,643 kilometers) with a full charge of 50 passengers, what speaks of the facility of the configuration. That is to say, from Mexico City you can travel to the United States and Canada, and to the North of South America.

A New Customer
One of the most recent customers of the Challenger 850 as a corporative aircraft was Suncor Energy Inc., pioneer company in the development of the vast fuel resources west of Canada, which will operate services for its personnel and contractors six days a week, in a 50 passengers configuration, traveling between the general headquarters of Suncor in Calgary and Fort McMurray in the north of Alberta, in a route of almost 350 nautical miles (648 kilometers) in approximately 1 hour. For Eric Axford, vicepresident of business services of Suncor Energy, the model in question is the solution to its necessities of personnel transportation, uniting two cities dos where business are made, to take them comfortably. “We see the plane as an investment in the personnel and the productivity”.



Text: Laura Velázquez ± Photo: Cortesía de Bombardier