Panerai has been engaged in watch, compass, depth meters and precision optical instrument making for a long time and has now created a special range of watches specially designed for use in extreme and high risk conditions.

Now the firm proudly presents the first four Panerai calibers – the P2002, P2003, P2004 and the P2005- that are intended to feed the Panerai in the future, whose values will be more and more appreciated b by collectors and the discerning who wear a watch daily as an instrument of quality that will last a lifetime.

The P2002 comes in two models: the Luminar and the Radiomir, both of which conjugate Italian creativity and tradition and Swiss technical know-how. The P2003 is offered in three Radiomir models, which have been crafted respecting hte high the high demands of Officine Panerai, as can be seen in the satin finish of its cases with polished edges and screws.



The Radiomir was the first watch created by Officine Panerai, a watch which made history for the heroism that characterized the brave men who wore it in the 1940s.

Its large dimensions, waterproof case and the legibility of its dial were the characteristics that most interested the Italian Royal in 1936.

Oficien Panerai creates watches of exceptional quality and heirs to a long tradition; mechanical instruments that bear witness to their historical and cultural character that grants them a transcendence that goes beyond hte fact of being solely the privilege of an elite. They are not ostentatious but are precision watches supported by a history of more than 70 years.

With the passage of time, the characteristic features of the watches manufactured by Panerai have been established with a great strength, allowing lovers of the watch making house to continue enjoying new models.    


Text: AMURA ± Photo: AMURA.