Travel Like Tiger

When Tiger Woods made his debut as a golf professional with millions of dollars in his pocket from his sponsors, the first thing he acquired as part of his work team was a Gulfstream V jet.  That was in 1996, but like everything, technology has evolved, as have Woods’ game and clubs– and the Gulfstream Company has moved with the times by offering the new G150 model, which changes the concept of the mid-size business jet.

With a range of almost 3,000 nautical miles, this is the first medium-sized Gulfstream that is ideal for business trips by being able to carry several­ executives on board. From the design and finishes of the large cabin, to its speed and altitude, this stylish jet can travel 2,950 nautical miles to take its passengers from New York to Los Angeles on a flight of only 5 hours 44 minutes.  The flight is very comfortable thanks to its large oval-shaped cabin of 1.75 meters in diameter, that offers more headroom when seated, as well as more shoulder and legroom.



The G150 offers three cabin designs, with space for six to eight passengers. More efficient use of space in the cabin provides versatility with the widest aisle in its category. The interiors of finished in fine leather, using the highest-quality upholstery, woods and shiny metals, as well as the latest in entertainment equipment, which varies from a complete audio system with individual headphones to a DVD and a map display so passengers can check exactly where they are during the flight.


Great comfort

Like Tiger Woods, who surely spends many hours of his life aboard the aircraft traveling from continent to continent to play in tournaments, you can continue working or simply relax during the flight, enjoying the silent comfort to the full.

The G150 can carry from six to eight passengers with the option of three cabin configurations. To use the cabin volume to the full, as well as the availability of all accessories, Gulfstream pours on the quality and countless details; from the sumptuous seats, as well as a large space to store food and beverages and a large WC. Inside, the aircraft is perfectly illuminated, as well as offering ample luggage storage space.



The large oval windows create a feeling of space while at the same time offering incredible views during the flight. The most important thing is that during the day, they provide the cabin with plenty of natural light helping to reduce the effects of jet lag.

The cooling capacity and airflow in the cabin has been maximized by providing 100% fresh air for passengers and crew during the flight, which reduces the discomfort and the health risks caused by breathing re-circulated air.


More range at higher speeds

Traveling at 45,000 feet above the traffic and exterior climate, the G150 can be relied upon to offer the best range making full use of the advantages of speed.

To power the jet, the Gulfstream engineers chose the reliable and efficient Honeywell TAFE731-40AR turbojets, which develop a maximum speed of Mach 0.75, which is sufficient to cover a distance of 2,950 miles with four passengers aboard. This is the furthest and fastest that any other medium-sized business jet can offer.


At the controls

This model offers excellent visibility for the crew by displaying the vital information on four adaptable Easy-Scan 12 x 10” LCD screens with Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 avionics. This system is completely compatible with the standards used throughout the world and offers expansion and flexibility potential to personalize it and make flying even more comfortable.

The aircraft also has the latest in technology such as Plane View to enhance the performance of the crew and safety during the flight, as well as the Cursor Control Device (CCD), Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System (TCAS), Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System (EGPWS) from Honeywell with side wind detection and SATCOM to improve communications and the flow of information between the passengers and crew.

Maybe you won’t be able to beat Tiger Woods’ distance down the fairway, but you can own a  better aircraft than the Californian; and this can be seen.    




Technical Data

Maximum Range

2,950 nm

Long-range cruising speed

Mach 0.75 / 430 knots

Normal Cruising Speed

Mach 0.80 / 459 knots

Take Off Distance (SL, ISA, MLW)                           

5,000 ft

Landing Distance (SL, ISA, MLW)

2,880 ft

Initial Cruising Altitude

41,000 ft

Maximum Cruising Altitude

45,000 ft


Maximum Takeoff Weight

26,100 lb

Maximum Landing Weight

21,700 l

Maximum Zero Fuel Weight

17,500 lb


2, Honeywell TFE 731-40AR

Thrust (each engine)

4,420 lb






17 ft 8 in


5 ft 9 in


5 ft 9 in


465 cu ft

Total Luggage Storage Volume

80 cu ft

Luggage (external access)

55 cu ft

Luggage (internal access)

25 cu ft




56 ft 9 in


19 ft 1 in


55 ft 7 in


Text: Laura Velázquez ± Photo: Gulfstream Aerospace Corportation.