When acquiring a helicopter, you must analyze the investment very well because there are different ways of amortizing the acquisition, one of which is to use the helicopter for different “missions”.

What we must think about investing is how many missions we want our helicopter to make and consult with the professionals to recommend the craft that most suits our needs, as well as analyzing how much time we will use it and whether at the same time we offer it for rent. By analyzing these variables in depth, our helicopter might work out to end up being much less expensive.

Helicopter missions include business transportation, air taxis, aerial tourism (sightseeing, archeological visits, etc.), services to construction companies (visiting building land, etc.), television, cinema a scouting (filming, searching for locations), aerial work (firefighting and geological studies), among other activities.  So, if you purchase a multi-mission helicopter, it can be used much more to enable you recover part of the initial investment.



Alexandre Ceccacci, Comercial Director of Eurocopter Mexico, commented that all the Company’s helicopters are multi-mission and that, depending on their configuration, adapt to their best use. He added that operating a craft for various missions, the total cost of the helicopter could be recuperated very quickly.

For example, large corporations generally fly their helicopter for 200 to 300 hours per year; less than one hour per day. If other flying hours, paid by other companies for different purposes are added, investment and maintenance costs can be amortized.



We have to conduct a study of how to select the missions that our helicopter could be used for without diverting it from its main purpose. For example, a helicopter based in Merida, Yucatán, resides being used to transport executives, could also be rented in Cancun for tourist trips or to make TV documentaries.

A helicopter based in Mexico City may be used mainly to transport executives, although it may also be used as an air ambulance, an air taxi or for other aerial work.



Therefore, commented the expert, we have to analyze the cost-benefit or sub-renting it and we can analyze how much it would cost of maintain the helicopter without sub-renting it, but instead for the exclusive use of the owner and how much it would cost  if we rented it.

As a result of these studies, more and more companies are opting to entrust their helicopters to external operators for sub-rental.

If we are convinced that this is the best option, we can approach a company like Eurocopter for advice on the configurations necessary  for different missions and in this way, increase the use of our craft and with the extra income, amortize the investment and maintenance costs.     




Text: Enrique Rosas ± Photo: Eurocopter / Heliriviera.