A giant of the skies

Established in 1992 as the result of the merger between Daymler Chrysler Aerospace - Germany and Aerospatiale - France and of the homecom- ing - Spain, is a division of the aeronautical group leader EADS (an Airbus and Ariane Espace holding, among others). Today, Eurocopter is the leading helicopter manufacturer in the world with a 52% global market share.

In 2006, it consolidated its position its position with more than 400 new helicopters sold to date. In the difficult US market, Eurocopter also confirms its lead- ership with a market share of more than 50%, as well as signing a US$2 billion contract for 322 military helicopters.


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Eurocopter employs more than 13,000 people throughout the world, and produces 30% of all helicopters in the world. This is a great responsibility, but the Company covers it with its 16 subsidiaries and ventures on the five continents, as well as an extensive customer service network of maintenance centers, distributors and specialist agents.

With more than 9,500 helicopters in service, 2500 clients in more than 139 countries and ?3.2l billion in sales in 2005, it is clear why Eurocopter is a giant of the skies.

With the largest range of spectacular multi- purpose aircraft (11 different models), from the small “Colibrí EC120” to the imposing “Super Puma”, including the corporate “Dauphin AS 365 N3” helicopter or the new single turbine “Ecureuil EC 130 B4”, Eurocopter offers a product for every need. Eurocopter helicopters are imposing thanks to their well-renowned power, comfort and safety, but also thanks to their low operating costs con- trolled by state-of-the-art and environmentally- friendly technology.

Helicopters are made for flying, but cost money even when on the ground. Thanks to its international proximity, the manufacture has a very broad and first-rate customer support service that employs more than 2,300 people.

In order to improve customer satisfaction, Eurocopter has implemented an organizational structure that is 100% client-focused through the installation of logistics platforms on the five con- tinents, 95 highly-equipped and trained maintenance centers that offer service equal to that of the head office, in order to solve any problem whenever and wherever.


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Eurocopter in Mexico

Eurocopter has been operational in Mexico for 25 years in order to offer the best possible services to its historic clients: the Presidency and the Armed Forces.

This presence has earned it the trust of 16 governments and municipalities, large well- renowned companies, such as Televisa and Telmex, as well as many private companies. Today there are 10 Eurocopter helicopters flying in Mexican skies.

The Company’s success in Mexico is confirmed by its sales figures, with 54% of sales in 2006 com- pared to the American Bell Helicopters and the Italian company Agusta.

Today, Eurocopter is the only helicopter manufacturer with an industrial plant in Mexico. With 120 employees working at the plant at Mexico City International Airport, which is responsible for the sales of its entire range of aircraft, training and offers direct customer service support, as well as meeting the most demanding safety, quality and reliability standards: DGAC, FAA and ISO 9001:2000.

Taking into account the current air transportation needs, safety factors, distances and the traffic in our large cities, helicopters, the means of trans- port for some and luxury items for others, have a great future in Mexico, where EUROCOPTER is pro- filed as the giant of the skies in the long term.


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Text: Enrique Rosas ± Photo:Eurocopter