When Science Meets Style

Fashion and function meet in Philip Stein Teslar watches. This patented technology has been designed to transmit a unique signal that strengthens the body’s own natural electromagnetic energy field to effectively resist the potential negative side effects of external low frequency electromagnetic fields generated by cell phones, computers, microwave ovens and many other common electric appliances. 


Teslar Technology

Philip Stein watches feature the Teslar chip that works together with the electronic quartz movement to create a special signal. The watch’s battery creates an electric field and the electronic quartz movement creates a magnetic field. Basically, the Teslar chip utilizes both energies to generate a third unique field that emits seven to nine pulses per second (7 to 9 Hz), which is the same range as the earth’s natural energy as well as the one emitted by the brain when immersed in meditation or when an athlete is in peak form. 



Pioneer in the Science of Energy

The name of this technology honors Nikola Tesla, a Yugoslav immigrate who worked with Thomas Edison. Tesla, a brilliant inventor, is the scientist who gave us the alternate current that powers our modern world and is considered the father of the scalar, zero-point technology used in the Teslar chip.


The Results

The reaction varies from person to person because individuals have different sensibility levels. Some may immediately feel a slight pulse of energy or a tingle or a warm or peaceful sensation when wearing a Philip Stein watch. Others may find themselves feeling less angry, frustrated or anxious when dealing with situations that would normally cause a much more intense reaction. Still others will experiment deeper sleep and will be more relaxed when waking up and there are even those who are more at ease and focused on their work. The bottom line is that people do experience a higher concentration of energy.  



Luxury and Exclusivity

Philip Stein is synonymous with opulence and distinction. Its characteristic double-dial design and mineral crystal, its models incrusted with diamond and sapphires, mother-of-pearl dials and straps in leather, steel or alligator are unique.    


Text: Germán Nájera ± Photo: Phillip Stein.

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