New Name, New Features

The Legacy 600 not only changed its name it also improved its features and details, which will delight those accustomed to traveling in the utmost comfort. Embrear, the Brazilian company, is relaunching the Legacy in three versions: Executive, Shuttle and Shuttle HC.

This aircraft is changing the perception of what a business jet should be by offering an unparalleled balance of comfort, performance and security. It can fly at an altitude of up to 39,000 ft and land on small airfields since it only requires a 1,700-meter (1,859-yard) runway.

The change of name was done to allow it to conform to the new structure of executive jet names and because the three-zone cabin was remodeled and fully equipped with every luxury service. Another change that makes the Legacy 600 a success are the wireless High Speed Data and Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi) systems installed in the cabin, which permit passengers to access the internet, check their mail and transfer files at high speed.   



The Inmarsat Swift64 Mobile Network system allows the exchange of data 50 times faster than with analog avionic satellite communication. The current connection speed is 128 kbps. 

Embraer has delivered 60 Legacy jets to clients in over 15 countries and hopes to surpass sales expectations with all its new details, which include improved visibility systems (EVS), LED illumination, better soundproofing, electronic flight bag, new radar with longer range, 3D information and entertainment system and audio and video equipment. Furthermore, other details were added to the industry’s largest cabin, which makes it the most functional in its class.

For additional comfort, the LED illumination system, which replaces the previous fluorescent one, allows passengers to control the intensity and color of a broad variety of artificial lighting.

New mechanic blinds in the plane’s 22 windows, which permit the gradation of natural light, complement the LED lighting. They are made of a composite with UV protection and can be personalized to fit the jet’s interiors.

The Legacy 600 Executive offers superior comfort and privacy for up to 16 passengers distributed in three different seating sections. The interiors feature leather seats, a comfortable couch, an elegant credenza and large tables for dining or meetings. The aircraft also has a regular-sized kitchenette for preparing hot meals, a large bathroom, closet and storeroom in addition to an entertainment system with DVD player and satellite communication.   



The storage compartment, which measures 6.8 m3 (240 ft3), is one of the industry’s largest and can be easy accessed during flight for added passenger comfort. To ensure safer flights, the cockpit features five 8 x 7 inch screens and the latest in avionics. 

The airship has a range of up to 6,019 kilometers (3,740 miles) while carrying eight passengers at a speed of 0.80 mach. This range means being able to fly from New York to Los Angeles or London with the lowest operating cost of its class due, in part, to the winglets that contribute to a better fuel consumption.

The Legacy 600 is the biggest business jet certified to land at London City Airport and one capable of taking eight passengers from London to Moscow.


Other Versions

This jet is also available in two more versions, Shuttle and Shuttle HC, both designed for comfort and performance.

The Legacy 600 Shuttle features space for 16 to19 passengers with business class services, while the Shuttle HC has enough space for 37 passengers in comfortable seats that are superior to those found in the best commercial airlines. 

This is a variation of the ERJ 135 jet, part of the ERJ 145 family, which already has more than 900 operating aircraft with more than seven million hours of flight. Featuring all the accessibility, size, speed, economy and safety of a system that has transported more than 30 million passengers from around the world, it is also an exceptional plane for conveying government authorities.       



Technical Data

Average prices

Legacy 600: 22.45 millon dollars
Legacy 600 Shuttle / shuttle HC: 16.95 / 17.64 millon dollars

Cruising speed

0.80 Mach

Range (eight pssengers)

6,019 km (3,250 nm) y la reserva NBAA IFR reserve


22 ft 2 in


68 ft 11 in


86.5 in


6 ft 11 in


6 ft


42 ft 6 in

Cabin volume

1,410 cu ft

Storage volume

6.80 cu ft

Ramp maximum

49,758 lb

Maximum at take off

22,500 lb

Maximum at landing

18,500 lb


2, Rolls Royce AE 300 7 A1E , Maximum power 7,987 lb.
Incorporating the Full Authority Digital Electronic Control (FADEC)


Mexico City to Seattle, Los Angeles, Lima, Manaus


Text: Laura Velázquez ± Photo: Embraer