The supremacy of the tourbillon
Master Ultra Thin Tourbillon

The rose gold that frames the dial of the tourbillon capture looks. Imposing, it confirms the precision of the Master Ultra Thin Tourbillon as the creative force of the manufacturing created to counter arrest the effects of gravity upon the machinery.

The Master Ultra Thin Tourbillon is an ode to this technology. On top of an eggshell color dial, the rose color markers conserve the modesty required to keep it from overshadowing the rest of timepiece. Its design is of such perfection and simplicity that, upon contemplation, no one could imagine the efforts that are required to produce it. Nevertheless, this is a sign that characterizes masterpieces in the watchmaking world since its conception. 

Three new models commemorate a line that today reaches its maturity. They express aspects from the vast savoir-faire of the Jaeger-LeCoultre brand: The classic timepiece as minimalist expression of spectacular beauty. 



Texto: AMURA ± Photo: © Jaeger - LeCoultre