The end of year is approaching at breakneck speed, devouring the remainder of the summer. For this model the Japanese factory adapted the Nissan Leaf technology and that way raised the Zero Emissions concept to the challenging sportive level.

Nissan continues developing the Eslow, an electric two-seat sports car. To give an everyday car the power of a racing car, Maserati used all its accumulated knowledge in high performance competences over decades. The result is a car that balances elegance and power. 

Maserati has invested all of its knowledge to furnish a common automobile with the power of a racing car. The Gran Turismo MC Stradale, is a perfect amalgamation of aesthetics and engineering which characterizes Italy.

And Aspid, with its new model GT-21, offers the first GT in history able to become a 2 +2.


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Maserati Gran Turismo

MC Stradale

Elegant aerodynamics of high performance

A product of a great experience in creation of Corse, this time the Italian company Maserati offers the perfect blend of elegance and power; the GranTurismo MC Stradale.

This car synthesizes all the knowledge acquired by the Italian company providing a regular car with the power of a race car; in fact, this is the first vehicle from Maserati to break the300 km / h. (187 mph) barrier. 

The body of the GranTurismo MC Stradale, provides a perfect balance between aesthetics and aerodynamics so characteristic of the Italian peninsula, while its interior blends the elegant materials from prestigious Alcántara, harmonizing luxury and performance.

This car is an example of the continued search for Maserati to provide the appropriate technical solutions to achieve high performance.





V8, 286.3 cu in


376 ft. lb

Maximum Speed

190 mph


 4,961 cc



Aspid Gt-21


The spirit of originality

Aspid manufactured the first Open-Wheel GT 2 +2 history. The goal was to create a lightweight, agile, versatile and impressive machine. They did it.

The resulting vehicle is superior in power and technology to its predecessor, the Aspid Super Sport, which nevertheless retains an important influence. The GT-21 uses the same chassis design, with 80 kg of weight, which marked a milestone in the industry.

The GT-21 provides comfort for the pilot and copilot with the peculiarity of being able to configure it as a 2 +2 and thus convert the rear seats which will accomodate four passengers.

Another highlight is the trunk, which has the ability to handle volumes up to 275 liters, which makes it suitable for short trips.

The GT-21 Aspid is the unbeaten vehicle that brought originality at its best.






440 Nm@ 3.900 RPM 

Maximum Speed

305 Km/h


4.361 cc 


Nissan Esflow

The next step in zero-emission technologie

Nissan continues to surprise the auto industry with the development of the Eslow, a biplaza electric sport vehicle that closely resembles the 370Z, and which will use technology developed for the Nissan Leaf; only that this one will be adapted for the aforementioned design.

The vehicle was conceived with one main idea in mind: create a completely electrical vehicle which uses zero-emission technologies in ingenious ways. The rear tires are each propelled by their own electric motor with sufficient power to reach 100 km/h in no more than 5 seconds.

An important breakthrough in the field of electric vehicles is battery life, which can drive the car for 240 km. Its aluminum chassis is light, and the weight is spread at a height where the driver is sitting.

The Nissan Esflow will mark a before and after in the application of sustainable technologies for vehicles.




Twin electric motorsotors

Maximum Speed

0-100 km/h en 5 seg. 

/ 0-62 MPH in 5 sec.


200 CV

150 m


Text:  Jesus Salazar ± Photo: Carwalls & Alfa Romero</p