799 Units of 780 bhp

The ultimate Ferrari 12-cylinder edition is here. In this occasion, the basis of the F12 and the legendary Tour de France race are the ingredients that merge to create this incredible piece.

In the 50s and the 60s, Ferrari dominated the Tour de France race with the 250GT TdF. In honor of this car, Ferrari made the F12tdf. This new edition was completely redesigned. Carbon fiber was used both in the exterior and the interior.

The bodywork, interior, engine and transmission design make the F12 110kg lighter, even with 40hp, while the aerodynamic efficiency almost doubles. Additionally, it features the new Virtual Short Wheelbase, which allows the rear wheels to steer in the opposite direction to the wheel to get a better, more responsive, agile and dynamic experience, boosting stability at high speed. It also allows faster curves thanks to an 87% increase in downforce.



Ferrari F12 TdF

Maximum speed

340 km/hr

0-100 km/h

2.9 sec


7-speed F1 Dual-Clutch.

Engine Displacement

6,262 cc

Engine and Horsepower 

V12, 780 bhp


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Text: ± Photo: FERRARI