Based on an original design and its own mechanism, the Invention Piece 2 of the prestigious firm Greubel Forsey is one of those pieces that do not recur in a while. As a limited edition of only 22 copies, this watch combines technical innovation with an exquisite appearance.

Firstly, the Invention Piece 2 flaunts its complex machinery, as an example of “open heart” architecture, while its various elements come together harmoniously in perfect balance. A red triangle is responsible for indicating the hours; while a blue one points out the minutes. The two dual systems of Tourbillon, inclined at 30°, are clearly visible in two separate cages, one in a standard position and one inverted.

The case can be made of red gold or platinum surfaces and finishes include flat, angled and curved, whose three asymmetrical prominences give it an unmistakable identity. The details that embellish the watch are made of nickel silver plates, gold inlays and polished angle mirror screws.

Inside, an inverted double case allows to observe one of the double Tourbillon systems, whilst a second system has an star-shaped sapphire indicator showing the rotation of the outer Tourbillon in four minutes and 60 seconds for the inner one.


Text:  Amura ± Photo: Cortesía de la Marca