Super Yacht Sub 3

This compact and lavish private submarine was designed with one goal in mind: to open up the world beneath the waves. Offering best in class performance and setting the standard with suc-cessful delivery, the Super Yacht Sub 3 is, without question, the only way to explore the depths.

The Super Yacht Sub 3 is a top-hatch underwater vessel powered by a state of the art Lithium-ion battery, one that can be quickly recharged and is maintenance-free. It provides the underwater vehicle with the lowest weight, smallest footprint, and best endurance. A pinpoint precision maneuvering system knows as MANTRA allows for supervised passenger steering, and quick access to intelligent pilot assistance functions such as auto-heading, and auto-depth, which holds the submersible steady at its current depth. Moreover, the submarine can be wirelessly and remotely controlled from the surface with its MARLIN controller; it can also be sued to bring the submarine into position above a dive site.

Access to all of the submersible’s relevant information can be done through Worx’s Information System, known as UIS. A clear touch-screen display guarantees that the right information is provided at the right time.

Its exterior design is makes it easy to remove or deploy the vessel from any body of water, thanks to a Single Lifting Point system that connects directly to the crane. 

Each of the submersibles components, especially its acrylic and steel pressure hull, are extensively tested at an innovative in-house engineering facility in the Netherlands, assuring the highest level of precision and craftsmanship.

Customized solutions for a particular mission or a bespoke design are available to clients, as well.   







1 pilot and 2 passengers

Maximum depth

1,000 feet

Operational time

Up to 12 hours


320 cm


244 cm


174 cm


3,800 kg


Text: Andrés Ordorica ± Photo: U-Boat Worx