For collectors, every car has a distinct personality. Their design gives them an aggressive or ele-gant look. The interior finishes determines if they are sporty or luxurious, although ultimately it’s their speed and performance that counts.

The engine turning over, the music of the pistons rising with the revolutions, and the gearbox feedback from a downshift form a bond with the driver as the drive goes on. Motorist and car are getting to know and understand one another.

This time, at AMURA Yachts and Lifestyle, I will not review a collectible car or the latest launch. Instead, I will pitch a trip that combines gastronomy, hospitality and nature, along with the pleasure of driving a supercar.

All days will include the opportunity to have a dinner at Michelin star(s) restaurants where, along the way, the lunches and dinners will meet this certification. All hotels are world class locations, and do not exceed 5 stars because this is the allowed qualification.

This 2020, our world was paused due to the pandemic, which allowed us to value relationships with friends and family even more than before. That’s why I present to you this road trip, so that summer 2021 can be enjoyed with your loved ones.


Day 0 – Geneva – Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues Geneva

Geneva rests on the foothills of the majestic Swiss Alps and is the departure city of this road trip because of its easy access for private  and commercial flights. The first day will be quiet to shake jetlag; most likely a massage and a spa day; preparing physically and mentally for the great adventure ahead.