Montblanc Metamorphosis is the latest creation of this watchmaker,  and focuses  on  the  challenge  of  combining  the  traditional art of making watches with revolutionary  and unprecedented ideas in history.

This new piece of watch making is the first project within  the TimeWriter  concept by Montblanc, in which  young talents in the manufacture of watches are given the opportunity to present their ideas and materialize them. Metamorphosis holds the potential to transform its faceplate to show a display of hours, minutes and seconds or a stopwatch.

The box displays a teardrop shape, and its display shows the “clock time”, with a cover that displays an hour hand, a retrograde minute hand, a large second hand and date display.

Pressing the left side of the box from 10 to 8, the clock starts a transformation that takes 15 seconds and at the end of this brief span of time we have a chronograph that displays a black and silver background faceplate with Arabic numerals with red accents, and a sub faceplate showing hours, while the second is now the central chronograph hand.

The challenge  of  the  two  inventors,  Johnny Girardin and  Frank  Orny,  who sought ways to create a balance between the components of the mechanism responsible for the metamorphosis and the 16.29 MB caliber chronograph. Among the 315 individual pieces of the complication and the 252 elements of  the  chronograph,  results the total of 567 components that conform Montblanc Metamorphosis.


Text: Amura ± Photo: Montblanc