What should we take into account when the time arrives to select clothes for bed?




 1. Always choose natural fibres. Egyptian cotton, linen, silk, light wool, cashmere, etc. The natural fibres are ideal for achieving a good rest, and allow for air to circulate on the skin, as well as possessing thermal qualities. 

2. It is important to consider the famous and fashionable thread count, which is the quantity of  threads per inch, but it is also important to consider the length of the thread, its width, and the finish touches that provides it with softness and a pleasant touch.

3. It is always advisable to consider light colours for a better rest experience, yet it is also thrilling to break with routine and be inside a colourful bed.

4. Importance must be given to the rest area; quite often more time is spent in ones bedroom than in any other area of the house, it must be distinguished, refined and elegant, qualities that then spread to all areas of ones life.

5. Lounge clothing must also be made from natural fibres, fitting and comfortable, which does not mean that one must overlook distinction and good taste.


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Frette complies with any and all of the requirements of our clients. Comfort is guaranteed by the quality of the materials. The quality if vouched by our presence in the market in the last 150 years, and by the natural and finest selection of materials in existence, as well as by the design, which, by exposing 2 collections in a year, spring – summer and fall – winter, in which colours, materials and inspirations for the collections change, guarantee an unimaginable variety of designs and forms. 


Text: Amura