Heritage from the city of gondolas

The Saint Marks’s Clock Tower at the Piazza San Marco, Venice; serves as inspiration for the creation of this beautiful piece: the Hourstriker Tiger. This work of art is full of originality, and is a symbol of the power of the royalty, with a classic design, but that does not stop being innovative.
The case of this masterpiece measures 43 mm in diameter, incorporating a beautiful black onyx dial and 18 carat rose gold, at the same time that two meticulously gold tigers carved and crafted –also in gold- move with the sound of a gong by the complex system of sonnerie. This mechanism provides one of the personal touches of the brand; making Ulysse Nardin, the only modern brand manufacturer that today incorporates this sonnerie system.



Text: Grupo Mondi ± Photo: ©Ulysse Nardin